This is Good News for Children Everywhere

“Awwal Marra” Campaign at Grand Cinemas - ABC achrafieh.

ECIL Center a subsidiary of Imam Sadr Foundation launched its campaign to raise awareness of the importance of early intervention in the rehabilitation of children in Lebanon with special needs. Dr. Joseph Helou, Director of Medical Care at the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Mary El-Haj, Head of the Department of Disability in the Ministry of Social Affairs, as well as partners, doctors, specialists, civil society institutions, students involved in early intervention, Press and media, during a ceremony at ABC Achrafieh Grand Cinema .

During the launch of the campaign, 9 Lebanese celebrities volunteered to support ECILto spread the importance of early intervention for the rehabilitation of children in Lebanon with special needs, and artists are: Aida Sabra, Bernadette Hdeib, Pierette Al Quatrib, Patricia Nammour, Sarah Kassir, Ammar Chalak, Michel Hourani and Rodrigue Sleiman.

The campaign was initially launched on ECIL’s social media pages, which was subsequently shown on television in a series of four short videos by artists' voices and testimonies. "The first time I got on stage, the first time I got a car, the first time I cooked, and the first time I knew I’ll become a father - mother," the idea goes up to the difficulty that a child also faces for the first time in walking, speaking or communicating ...,ECIL includes a multidisciplinary team and aims to help children to reach their fullest potential for a better life living.

To watch the campaign, on the following link: