Dialogue Skills Inspired by Imam Sadr School of Thought (organized by Imam Moussa El Sadr Center for Research & Studies)

Leila Mohammad Hussein & Mojdeh Honari | 16/17/18-12-2023 l 9:00-16:00 150$


– What is Dialogue?
– 10 Dialogue Skills
– Mental Models
– Discovering Our Own Mental Models
– Dialogue VS Discussion


Leila Mohammadhossein, Dialogue facilitator since 2005.
She is currently the principal of a private high school & Head of Professional Development Courses in the HR Department.
• 40 years experience in teaching and school administration
• 15 years working as high school principal
• 28 years serving as professional development facilitator (designing and facilitating workshops for
teachers, school administrators, etc.)
• Translating, co-translating and co-editing about seven books and 10 articles on Creativity, Effective Teaching, Cooperative Learning, Seeing Systems, and Schools That Learn.


Mojdeh Honari, Dialogue facilitator since 2005.

She is an Architect & currently
School Extracurricular Deputy
& Member Of Construction Engineering Organization
*35 years experience in Architecture & Urban designing
*12 years experience in Education as Educator & Designer

*TOT Dialogue facilitator since 2007 & participated in Dialogical learning Workshop 2020