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General Questions
What are the required documents to start the child file in ECIL?
General Questions

To start intervention at ECIL you will need:

  • 2 Passport photos
  • Copy of the individual registration form, identification, or passport
  • Copy of the family registration form
  • Copy of the health record
  • Doctor referral including diagnosis and summary of the case
  • Results and reports of medical examinations (laboratory, genetic, X-Ray, MRI, CT-Scan, Brain CT-Scan, EEG …)
  • Results of the auditory and visual assessment (in the case that they were not previouslyperformed, they should be done and reports should be provided to the center)
  • Reports from previous specialists or therapists
For how long my child will attend sessions at ECIL?
General Questions

The child will keep receiving therapy sessions at ECIL from day one until age 3.11 as long as he needs and he benefits from the intervention.

Why don’t we accept children above 3 years?
General Questions

In Lebanon, children age three and above can benefit from being placed in specialized institutions or inclusive schools settings where than can also benefit from different kinds of therapies according to the needs. However neither the state nor the private institutions offer services to children under the age of three.

ECIL provides service to children under three years of age because we strongly believe that the earliest we can provide treatment and family guidance the better are the outcomes for the child.

Does the disability card (from ministry of social affairs) help me at ECIL?
General Questions

The disability card doesn’t cover the therapy sessions before 3 years” and ECIL does not have contracts with the ministry of social affairs

What are the fees at ECIL and do we have financial aid?
General Questions

Therapy sessions and intervention fees at ECIL are calculated as packages depending on what the child will need as therapy.

The social office will do a detailed study about the family’s resources and will help them find the needed income resources to their financial commitments. The center administration and the social office will detail a financial payment mean to suit the family’s situation.

In addition, ECIL has yearly rate of coverage from the ministry of health which can cover the fees of specified sessions for eligible candidates.

Where does my child go after ECIL and how do you help me in this phase?
General Questions

ECIL supports the families at the age of transition from ECIL in making the right choice for their children when choosing and institution or inclusion or others establishments. In Addition the social office continues to follow up with the families till one year after they leave ECIL

Does all children receive center based sessions and home visits?
General Questions

Each intervention plan is tailored according to the child needs and family conditions and priorities. The home visiting service in an essential service at ECIL since all the recent studies underline the importance of working in the child’s natural environment spatially at the young age.

Is ECIL an intervention center or external clinics?
General Questions

ECIL is a center offering multidisciplinary services in addition to a home visiting service to its families. Although the child will receive individualized therapy session, the center tailors programs that the family and the child benefits from and the presented service is a global care service where the main objective is to empower both the child and the parents to overcome the disability and challenges they face.