Individuals may donate through check, cash or bank wire and online on our page on givingloop

Donation go towards a specific project, or the amount may go into ECIL's general fund for use at the center's discretion.
Ecil accepts grants from governmental and non governmental organizations.
ECIL accept goods or services.

A seed needs warmth, water and sometimes light in order to germinate. Team needs training & resources to serve our dear ones & their families. The root system continues to develop, anchoring the plant into the ground and growing root hairs, which help the plant to absorb better water and nutrients. ECIL needs to develop, expand & grow so that it provides more services. A flower blooming in challenging environment proves to the world that we can overcome adversity. Some families need support in order to be capable to join Early Intervention program in ECIL. Seed spreading is an important stage of the flower life cycle. Once the seeds fall to the ground, the plant life cycle starts all over again. Awareness about the importance of Early Intervention is one of our main missions that is done through events, conferences, social media products & so much other ways.Water runs through all parts of the plant distributed by its needs & internal wisdom. Unrestricted donation give ECIL the chance to address most needed areas.

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