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ECIL sponsoring the first ABAL conference

The Association for Behavior Analysis - Lebanon has a mission to to protect ABA consumers and practitioners by promoting and maintaining high ethical and professional standards among behavior analysts in the fields of education, business, therapeutic and environmental services in Lebanon.
Our goals are:

  • Raising awareness about the importance of implementing evidence based practices, and scientific interventions while avoiding pseudoscientific practices 
  • Setting standardized criteria for ABA practices
  • Bringing together a community of ABA therapists, educators, professionals, and all those interested in the field of behavioral analysis.

On January 12, 2019 we are hosting our first conference and have 3 guest speakers from the States.
and other speakers from the Association for Behavior Analysis - Lebanon .
The Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific approach to shape behavior and deal with special needs individuals and mainly individuals with autism.

The speakers are:

  • Christine DerSarkissian: President of the association (MSc-BCBA)
  • Dr Saada Alame: Pediatric Neurologist (MD)
  • Mona Saab: former president of the association (MA-BCBA)
  • Asmahan Saleh Khalil: board member in the association (MSc-BCBA)
  • Dr Lina Slim Topdjian: Ph.D., BCBA-D, CCC-SLP
  • Tamara S. Kasper: M.S., CCC-SLP, BCBA
  • Theresa Fiani: M.S., BCBA - Queens College

For registration candidates may email us on: or call us on 70 137 361.
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