Pediatric Maxillofacial Malformations: A Comprehensive Approach to Management and Treatment.

Charbel Feghali | 06-10-2023 | Timing : 6:00 – 8:00 pm l 35$


The training will consist of three informative sessions:

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palates: This session will cover the distinctions between cleft lip and cleft palates, including sociodemographic factors and risk considerations. We will explore the genetic and hereditary aspects underlying these malformations. Additionally, a global approach to managing patients with these conditions will be presented to enhance participants’ understanding and optimize their practices.

Velopalatal Insufficiency: Addressing this concern from the perspective of a maxillofacial and pediatric surgeon, this session will delve into the challenges posed by velopalatal insufficiency.

Craniosynostosis and Craniofacial Abnormalities: Providing a concise overview of craniosynostosis, this session will explore its connection to various syndromes and systematic pathologies. The session may also touch on craniofacial clefts, alongside the involvement of speech therapists, psychomotor therapists, and other specialists.


Medical school: Faculty of Medicine- Saint Joseph University

Specialty: Plastic and reconstructive surgery PGY4 resident / Hotel-Dieu De France Univeristy Hospital, Department of Plastic, reconstructive and maxillofacial surgery.

Associated degrees: Microsurgery diploma –  Saint Joseph University

Volunteer work: LRCYD Baabda center for 7 years, Furn El Chubak local community for 3 years