Why Support Us



Time-consuming in terms of team meetings, parent conferences, collaboration, case discussions, coaching, school visits, home visits, parental coaching, training paraprofessionals… We are currently not able to provide as many families as we would like to.

Keep Growing

Families are not made to bear the burden of the costs: In order to continue serving the community around us, and grow further, develop new projects, and serve a greater number of families, we are in dire need of further funding and support.

We named five types of donation, each is based on the donors’ interests:

* Donors who wants to support the team needs training & resources can choose the GERMINATION type of donation: A seed needs warmth, water and sometimes light in order to germinate.

* They are interested in ECIL’s needs to develop, expand & grow so it provides more services, can choose the GROWTH type of donation: Anchoring the plant into the ground and growing root hairs, which help the plant to absorb better water and nutrients.

* Also, donors interested to support our families directly can choose the BLOSSOM type of donation: Environment proves to the world that we can overcome adversity.

* As well as donors who are believing in the power of awareness about the importance of Early Intervention, one of our main missions, done through events, conferences, social media products & so much other ways, can choose SEED SPREADING type of donation: is an important stage of the flower life cycle. Once the seeds fall to the ground, the plant life cycle starts all over again.

* Donors who choose unrestricted donation to give ECIL the chance to address most needed areas, can choose IRRIGATION type of donation: the Water runs through all parts of the plant distributed by its needs & internal wisdom.

Services are costly

Services are costly, and ECIL hires a large number of the best personnel available and funds their salaries and professional development. We are able to offer this service to families who might otherwise not be able to access such intervention. This is both resource-intensive and time consuming: Resource-intensive in terms of ECIL being comprised of a team of doctors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, and administrative members.