What We Do


Process of development

A team of multi-disciplinary professionals brought together to synthesize several models (ECI and special needs), stemming from different schools of thoughts, to develop a unique model that takes into consideration the particularities of the community, its challenges, and its distinctive needs. The team consists of five units, broken down into the following services:

* Medical Intervention:  pediatric neurologist, specialists (e.g. nutritionist).

* Early Intervention: Speech and Language Therapy (SLT),  Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Psychomotor       Therapy (PMT), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Home Visits (HV),

* Social Intervention, & Mental health (counseling support).

* Support Services & Digital Media.

You can find our departments below, or by visiting the departments section from the menu.

Our Approach

A child referred usually referred to ECIL by a doctor or a specialist Collection of preliminary information about the child and their case.

  • When contacting the center, an appointment is scheduled with the social worker (in case eligible)
  • The parents requested to provide ECIL with all documents and medical exams for this appointment,
  • An appointment is scheduled with the center’s physician, Psychologist, Nutritionist, EI coordinator and parents may be asked to provide additional medical exams.
  • The child’s file is discussed by the multidisciplinary team.
  • Assessment appointments are scheduled depending on the child’s needs.
  • A meeting with the child’s parents to deliver the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Report (MER) and explain it to them.
  • Schedule weekly therapy sessions, continuous progress reports, till the intervention plan is finished and concluding report is submitted.

What sets us apart?

ECIL doesn’t simply offer various stand-alone therapies from different disciplines. It functions as one entity, a truly cohesive multidisciplinary team: they work collaboratively from the moment the child comes in for assessment, through the write-up of the family’s treatment plan, through the follow-up of program implementation and progress, all the way through the conclusion of services and the provision of agreed-upon recommendations to the parents (with regards to referral to schools/institutions and/or the continuation of therapeutic intervention).

Our team members diligent about both setting objectives that observable and measurable and recording data. Moreover, ECIL offers a family-centered service, whereby the family members are the most crucial players in the team. The family’s routine shapes the schedule/provision of services; they raise their chief concerns and set the priorities at the onset; they involved in the planning phase with respect to the child’s program; they provide feedback and receive the therapists’ input and coaching, thereby continuously shaping the program.

Finally, we are able to provide outstanding services. New projects proposed by the team and piloted/executed (to be adopted or further developed), both the team and their provisions are growing annually; the center promotes the professional development and offers training opportunities.